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Our mission statement is to sell American assembled quality products and services at affordable prices. We at Angelo RO Express promise to work hard and provide great customer service. We believe everyone should have access to safe, great tasting water at a cost that does not break the family budget.

 Call us today for service on your existing equipment or prices on a new reverse osmosis unit. Ask about our low cost, all maintenance included rental units.  Call  today at 325-277-8611. We would love to do business with you.

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Reverse Osmosis systems and service at affordable prices with local installation specials on rental equipment

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Environmentally Friendly

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Tested & Trusted

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5 Filtration Stages

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Quality Certification

We Feature Pentair FreshPoint ROs

Tested & Trusted To Reduce Impurities


Safeguard your family from harmful contaminants like lead.


Reduce cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia which could cause negative health effects.

Taste & Odor

Eliminate poor tasting and intolerable odors in water which can be caused by contaminants that naturally live in most water sources.


Volatile organic chemicals include components of gasoline and industrial cleaners, which can cause many illnesses.

Dirty Water

Discolored water which can be caused by debris, powder, or silt.


Chlorine, commonly used by municipalities to disinfect the water supply, often causes poor tasting and intolerable odors in water.

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