How drinking water from an RO can help you lose weight

Everyone knows that drinking water is good for our general health, but did you also know that it can help us lose weight as well?

Eating Less

Yes, drinking water can actually help you to eat less food. Often times when people feel hungry, they’re actually dehydrated, and sometimes our bodies can’t tell the difference between the two. So instead of reaching for a snack, we can instead reach for a full glass of water. It’s worth giving it a try next time you’re feeling “snacky.”

Drinking that glass of water instead of having a snack will give you that immediate sense of fullness, and if thirst was what you really felt anyway, you’ll feel satisfied.

Exercising More

Drinking more water can actually allow you to exercise more. Drinking water has an impact on workout performance allowing you to exercise more and burn more calories. Plus drinking plenty of water after a workout will help your body recover its spent energy, thus allowing you to get back at it sooner.

Taking in Less Calories

Drinking more water means drinking less of things that have calories, such as soda and tea. Plus, if you’re drinking water instead of a sugary beverage, your thirst will be quenched easier, meaning less cravings for that iced latte or orange juice.

So next time there’s a rumble in your belly, reach for a glass of water instead of a soda or chips. You’ll feel better, and you’re waistline will thank you as well!

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