How to Save Money this Summer with a RO System in your Home

There are a couple of things that most people in San Angelo will agree upon when it comes to drinking water. The first is that the tap water just doesn’t taste, um, very good.

The second is that in the summer we drink A LOT more of it. That means if you’re having to go outside your home to get drinking water you’re having to buy and spend a lot more than you do during the rest of the year.

This begs the question – What is the best way to get water that actually tastes good at an affordable price?

Well, when it comes to ensuring good taste you’re going to need filtered drinking water. Your options boil down to a basic filter (think Brita), bottled water, or a reverse osmosis system. Let’s quickly break down the first two options:

– If you go for something like a Brita filter, whether it’s a pitcher or a filter that attaches to your kitchen sink, you’re probably not going to be satisfied. The taste of water in San Angelo is bad enough that one of these basic filters isn’t going to improve it much. It also won’t remove many of the nasty impurities you can find in tap water, such as nitrates and arsenic.

– Bottled water on the other hand will give you drinking water that tastes good and is safe. The downside is that the cost can really add up. Unlike a tap or filter, you have to continually keep buying packs of bottled water on a regular basis. This can get expensive, especially for a large family.

This brings us to our recommended option, a reverse osmosis system from Angelo RO Express. An RO will remove just about everything bad that you could imagine from water. The result will be water that that is safe and great tasting.

It’s also very affordable. You can rent an RO system from us for only $28.50 per month and we’ll even install it for free. Over time you’ll be saving a lot of money over buying large packs of bottled water over and over.

Give Angelo RO Express a call at 325.277.8611 or visit to learn more and get your own RO system.