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What our Customers Say

Angelo RO Express has always been there for me when it comes to affordable drinking water. They have an excellent, professional team that cater to your needs whenever you need it. They are fair priced and have always provided me with excellent service and an excellent product. Thank you Angelo RO Express!
Jon Mullins
We love our RO from Angelo RO Express. It’s saved us money and a lot of hassle as we used to always have to buy water bottles at the grocery store. Having our RO that Larry keeps maintained is much more convenient. Larry is a nice guy and knows his stuff. Thanks!
Brenda Villers

We just built a new house with a water softener and 2 RO units. While the products are great, the best part is the customer service! Larry was there when he said we would be, and installation was perfect. Thanks guys!

Emily Anderson

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